Federal federal federal Government student support programs (figuratively speaking) can be obtained to Canadian residents, permanent residents, protected persons and americans.

Intro to loans; part of this college vs. Lender

The school funding group supports the administration and verification procedure for many national government loans and funds across Canada in addition to US. We facilitate the method by interacting your enrolment status to your loan provider. The program procedure, evaluation, and disbursement of funds is sustained by the lending company.

Please be aware: The University of Calgary does not request funds with respect to pupils. Pupils have the complete quantity of their disbursement(s) with their personal bank-account and are also accountable for ensuring their costs are compensated because of the fee that is posted due dates.

Loans vs. Funds

You are going to submit one application throughout your province become examined for federal and loans being provincial funds.


Are funds which have become gone back to the financial institution once you are no further in college.


Are funds that don’t need to be returned to the financial institution.

Education loan faqs

1. Am I entitled to make an application for loans?

The Government figuratively speaking system is present to Canadian Permanent Residents, https://speedyloan.net/payday-loans-nd Citizens and persons that are protectedas defined into the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act).

You shall apply for funding through your province of residence. Whenever you use using your province, you may be immediately examined for provincial as well as federal loans and funds. The typical “rule of thumb” could be the final province a pupil lived set for at the least one year without going to a post-secondary institution will be your province of residence. E.g. A pupil that has relocated from Ontario in August 2019 to go to UCalgary starting in September 2019 is always to submit an application for figuratively speaking from Ontario.

If you should be not sure of one’s eligibility, please contact your province of residence to verify together with them.

2. Am we entitled to capital being an Open Studies pupil?

You are not eligible for funding if you are applying through Quebec or Ontario.

All the provinces usually fund Open Studies.

But, you are only eligible to be assessed for 12 consecutive months of funding irrespective of your course registration status if you are applying through Alberta.

3. Exactly just How numerous courses per term do i must be cons

You are going to notice courses are weighted differently for Fall/Winter terms vs. Spring/Summer terms. Take note that this might vary from this course load dependence on other workplaces on campus including UPass.

3a. Fall/Winter term

One program (per three units)

Course load portion: 20%

Enrolment status: Part-time

Two courses (per three devices)

Course load portion: 40%

Enrolment status: Part-time

Three courses (per three devices)

Course load portion: 60%

Enrolment status: Full-time

Four courses (per three devices)

Course load portion: 80%

Enrolment status: Full-time

Five+ courses (per three devices)

Course load portion: 100%

Enrolment status: Full-time

3b. Spring/Summer term

One program (per three units)

Course load portion: 40%

Enrolment status: Part-time

Two courses (per three devices)

Course load portion: 60%

Enrolment status: Full-time

Three courses (per three devices)

Course load portion: 80%

Enrolment status: Full-time

Four+ courses (per three devices)

Course load portion: 100%

Enrolment status: Full-time

4. Exactly What am I evaluated for being a student that is full/part-time?

As being a part-time student, you’d be entitled to get loan capital to simply protect your tuition and mandatory charges, and publications/equipment. As a student that is full-time as well as your training expenses, you’re going to be assessed for average residing costs centered on your province which include lease, food, clothes, transport.

For pupils learning with dependents, you will additionally be evaluated for kid care expenses aside from your program load.

5. Wemagine if I change my enrolment status while getting loans?

In cases where a noticeable improvement in your enrollment impacts your enrolment status ( e.g. Full-time to part-time), you could no further qualify for capital and any funding that is undisbursed be canceled. The organization is obligated to upgrade changes in your registration to your lender and also this is performed with a automatic procedure that runs once weekly following the course add/drop due date up until following the withdraw due date for courses.

We strongly advise you to make contact with an Enrolment solutions Advisor along with your loan provider if you should be considering courses that are dropping.

6a. What dates do I utilize for my student that is undergraduate application?

Undergraduate pupils

Utilize the standard first and final time for the thirty days for the application.

Begin date:

Winter term just

Start date:

Winter and fall terms

Begin date:

Spring term just

Begin date: May 1 End date: June 30

Summertime term just

Begin date:

Spring and summer time terms

Begin date: May 1 End date: August 31

6b. What dates do I utilize for my graduate pupil application?

Whenever trying to get figuratively speaking or interest status that is free it is possible to submit an application for a optimum of 52 days of capital according to your acknowledge term. Instead, you can easily use utilizing times which are lower than 52 days but guarantee you utilize standardised session start and end times.

E.g. If perhaps you were admitted in cold weather 2019, you can easily use from Jan. 1, 2019 till Dec. 31, 2019, it is possible to use utilizing Sept. 1, 2019 to Dec. 31, 2019 however you cannot use making use of Sept. 1, 2019 – Aug. 31, 2020.

6c. What dates do I utilize for my medication pupil application?

Each program year has unique dates that you will use to apply for funding as a medicine student. Please relate to the dining dining table below to locate your application for the loan times according to your of study year.

12 months of research (one)

Begin date:

Year of research (two)

Begin date:

12 months of research (three)

Application one Begin date:

Application two begin date:

7. Just What information am I going to be expected to prov

When you perform the applying, you will be expected to offer individual information incorporating:

  • Your title
  • Date of delivery
  • Marital status
  • Citizenship status
  • Alberta Pupil Quantity (ASN)
  • Contact and address information
  • College title
  • System
  • Year of research
  • Research duration date

You’re going to be expected to supply individual economic information including

  • RESPs
  • Scholarships/bursaries
  • Non-registered assets
  • Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada/Band Funds

If you should be married/common-law you will be expected to produce information that is financial your partner. If you should be considered a student that is dependent you’re going to be expected to give your parent/guardian’s economic information.

8. The length of time does it just just simply take for my application to be examined?

This may differ by province, nevertheless the rule that is general application takes around 4 to 6 months to process, therefore it is crucial to utilize early.

9. How can I determine in the event that organization has processed/confirmed my education loan?

Please relate to the Government Student help tab under “My Financials” portion of your pupil Centre (my. Ucalgary.ca) to find out more in regards to the status the job. You will find more assistance on utilizing your student portal by accessing the how-to-guides.

10. Just how do I get my money?

In the event that you requested financing through a lender that is canadian you are going to get all funds in your individual bank-account and generally are accountable for making subsequent re re payments to your charges and residence etc. By the posted due dates.

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