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I get emails from hundreds of women every month that have lost the man they love… and they always ask me, “Do you think he ever loved me?”

My heart goes out to them…

Because they believe once a man says, “I love you,” that he’ll never leave.

Unfortunately, that’s just not true.

Truth is… men fall in love differently from women.

The biggest problem with men is:

In fact, they go through 5 different stages before they truly bond to a woman….

The Bonding Stage

You see…

They confuse passion with bonding.

That’s why a man can make promises in the heat of passion and then completely forget about it a week later.

I’m not making excuses for me…

But I’m begging you not to make the same mistake of confusing intimacy with intensity.

You see, intimacy is stage X out of five stages.

You need to know what all five stages are…


Once a man goes through all five stages…

He’ll do everything in his power to make you happy.

His heart will skip a beat whenever he hears the sound of your voice for the rest of his life.

Yes, it’s that powerful.

The Bonding Stage

P.S. Every man I’ve ever known has fallen in love in this predictable pattern.

In fact, you’ll see how easily a man can fall “out” of love if even 1 of these steps is skipped.

Seriously, you really need to see this…

The Bonding Stages