Commitment – I Will Do Anything For You

I Will Do anything For You!
Does this phrase sound familiar? I bet it does. We all make promises on the lips without necessarily taking it to heart.
It could be fun at times listening to the young ones talk about proposing styles. The moment they get carried away by a lady’s beauty, they become completely different especially those who lack self control. The mind is obsessed with how wonderful she will be in bed. (Tell me it’s not true…). The intensity of the pursuit becomes intensified especially if the lady is playing hard to get. It suddenly becomes a do or die affair, the male ego is deflated if he does not succeed hence the pursuit.
Perhaps if the intention is genuine, it could be worth the effort but if it’s just to lay a babe and move on hmmn, I don’t know! Is it worth it chasing after something without any commitment towards sustenance. In the heat of this pursuit, they come up with all kinds of empty promises which may never see the light of day.
The beauty of a commitment is when you promise to do something, and you ensure it is done. Integrity is the watchword but how many people truly possess it in relationships. The euphoria of loving begins to thin out after your partner consents to the relationship. After all, you have won the chasing battle, but sustaining it becomes difficult. The commitment to make a relationship works I believe is more demanding than the chasing game. It is at this period that you begin to reflect on all the sweet nothings promised by your man and some may never happen.
Here are some tips to ponder over before committing yourself:
1. Love is the foundation encapsulating all other factors. Does it exist in the relationship?
2. Identify why you really want to remain in the relationship. What do you feel inside of you whenever you are together?
3. How is your relationship accepted amongst family and friends? (Unless you both agree it doesn’t matter).
4. Do you have phobia along the line that it may not work? Why? Think deep.
5. Are you bothered about something in the relationship like attitude, physical appearance or anything else that comes striking in your mind that you know you cannot change?
6. If a child is involved, what is the level of acceptance into the relationship?
7. Do you enjoy each other’s company so much that you want to spend the rest of your life doing all the sweet nothings that will make a success of it or simply tolerating each other?
We tend to overlook a lot of things when we are swept away in love but a trivial issue in a given relationship can mess up a lot of things. Therefore, before you get carried away with ‘I will do anything for you’ stuffs. Think deep and be convinced you are taking the right steps in the right direction. Remember, ‘true love is like a pair of socks, you got to have two and they got to match’.

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